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Uxbridge Wedding Photographer - Summer Weddings of 2021! (and pretty much the rest of the year too!)

This post started as a piece specifically about the first 2021 wedding I did in July, but I ended up being so busy with other weddings and grad sessions and then family sessions and more weddings, that I totally slacked on finishing it. So now that I'm finally getting around to writing this, I guess it will incorporate all the weddings I've done for the 2021 wedding season! If you love love, or are planning a wedding, or are just interested, follow along!

Rebecca and Wil's July Wedding

I first met Rebecca and Wil last summer, when I took their engagement photos. At that time they were still relatively new into their relationship, but their connection was so strong that they bloomed into a full on love story, provinces apart. Wil was a member of the RCMP and worked in Alberta, Rebecca was here in Toronto just finishing up her nursing degree.

I could tell from the moment I met them, they were so sweet together and so crazy in love. Rebecca was latched onto Wil's arm the entire session, and not in a clingy way, in the most affectionate and passionate way. I knew their love story would be special. After the pandemic threw them for several wedding planning loops, restrictions lifted just days before their wedding. At the gorgeous Fantasy Farm venue, Rebecca and Wil tied the knot. There was gorgeous sun, glowing over their ceremony, but as they neared the "I Dos" the sky became dramatic and there was a definite rumble in the air. The moment they kissed the skies opened and and it started to pour. Umbrellas went up and guests ran under the only tent covering the audio board.

I overheard a conversation Rebecca had with her aunt. Her aunt said that during their worship song she had connected with Jesus who had shown her raining down love. At the time she thought it was just a representation, but as the sky opened, it meant so much more. Whether you're religious or not, I feel like that is such a special symbolic moment.

They finished off the evening back at Rebecca's parents house with the most gorgeous dinner in the dressed up garage, which you would never know was a garage, and festivities in her backyard.

“Do all that is in your heart. Do as you wish. Behold, I am with you heart and soul.”

1 Samuel 14:7

Kelsey and Colin's Barn Wedding

I was brought onto Kelsey and Colin's July nuptials by a friend of mine from university, Kelsey Bowles. The couple live up in Chelsey ON, near Owen Sound, and had the most beautiful wedding inside the bride's aunt's wedding barn. Full of twinkly lights, the rustic venue was intimate and coz, perfect for a close knit family wedding.

The day was bright and sunny, and while the forecast called for rain, the skies were clear all day! Their yellow and white colour scheme was perfect for the sunny summer day.

From the words of the family members, you could tell how lovely this couple was. People spoke of Kelsey's kind heart and her complete acceptance of Colin's daughter as her own. Colin, the strong and dependable man that was perfect for Kelsey. As I didn't know the couple ahead of the wedding, I felt like the whole day I was building my picture of their love story. Their calm and caring energy perfectly complemented the wildly fun bridal party, you could tell they were surrounded by a group of fantastic friends.

Kari and Tyler's Hometown Wedding

Kari and Tyler's wedding was booked only a few short months in advance of their day, which for a wedding, is cutting it close. When life started to change for this couple they jumped at the chance to tie the knot and begin their life together. Tyler was offered a job as a volley ball coach at a specialized academy in California. The couple knew this was a great opportunity and a few years living in the sun wouldn't be so bad either! One short week after the wedding, the couple we're all packed up and moving across the continent!

Their wedding was set in the rolling hills of Uxbridge, overlooking both the town of Uxbridge and Port Perry. With gorgeous wide views, tall trees and the comfort of home, they knew this was the best place to tie the knot and to have a send off before they moved.

As the day grew closer the weather forecast was ominous. And as the morning arrived, so did the clouds, thunder and on and off showers. While the wedding party was getting all glammed up, the skies brighten and we thought we we're getting so much wedding day luck. But just moments before guests were set to arrive, in came the winds again and a downpour of rain. Kari was so hoping to get her gorgeous ceremony with giant trees and an arbor behind her, set in the field of her parents property. We waited with baited breath at the large, second floor living room windows, as guests huddled in the reception tent below.

Carefully watching the weather radar and listening to Ironic by Alanis Morissette. After a while we decided it was time to make the call, the ceremony would be under the tent, in the twinkly lights and still under the gorgeous handmade arbor.

The family and guests all teamed up, moving the diner tables to the back and sides of the tent and creating rows of chairs and an aisle. It was quite moving to see the groomsmen all run out into the rain to gather the décor from the planned ceremony location to make the tent picture perfect. And of course, picture perfect it was.

After the ceremony we jumped at the chance for some cute, rainy day umbrellas shots. And soon enough the skies cleared up and we could do family portraits on the hill overlooking the town. As the evening drew near we got the most gorgeous sunset. As the sun set, the party lights came out for the most amazing dance party. As it was still a covid summer, the wedding was intimate, but not too small, with all the most important people, to celebrate this ever so important day

Gessica and Mike's Italian Nozze

When you think about arriving in style, you picture Gess pulling up to the ceremony gazebo in a sparkling white Corvette. For go-carter, automobile loving Gess, this suited her so perfectly. Gess and Mike had originally planned their wedding for early December but with impending covid restrictions they made the jump to push it forward.

We started the beautiful fall day at her parents house just outside of Uxbridge, nestled among golden trees. Once the bridal party was all dressed and ready we were able to do a first look with Gess' whole immediate family, as they were all there for a pre-ceremony lunch prepared by her mom and aunts. Once the gorgeous charcuterie was consumed we headed outside for some photos in the early afternoon sunshine. Glowing through the golden leaves it set the perfect mood for the warm fall day.

Now when I say Gess loves cars, I mean she really LOVES cars. As her dad turned over the engine of the borrowed corvette her face completely light up. "OMG I've got goose bumps!"

The ceremony was set in front of one of the gorgeous gazeboes at Deer Creek, in Ajax, with a reception in one of their beautiful halls. Masking was still required inside when up from the table but this wedding really felt like we were getting back to something more normal.

Just as I was packing up to leave we started hearing the very familiar sound of fireworks. The extremely lavish wedding from upstairs had quite a spectacular firework display, and, thanks to them, we got to experience a flashy ending to the beautiful day and to kick off a night of dancing.

Kenny and Nat's Wedding Among the Pines

Do you know what makes my job as a photographer even more fun? When I know my clients prior to them being "clients". I met Natalie and Kenny in high school, back when they barely even knew each other. Now, 6 years later, they tied the knot among the towering pine trees at Algonquin Pine's Campground near Huntsville.

As I drove the 2 hours up north, the skies got progressively darker, rain seemed to be a theme for weddings this year... It was a drizzly day but the love and excitement carried a bright and glowing mood.

The girls got ready at Natalie's cousin's house, with Natalie's older sister doing her makeup. This was such a sweet moment to witness. Kim looking at her baby sister, all grown up, as she applied glitter to the already glowing bride. The men were already at the campground, which Kenny's family actually owns. Ahead of the ceremony I was able to snap a few shots of the guys all spiffed up and while the rain was light we could ditch the umbrellas for a few photos.

Once the girls arrived, the clouds started to open. They walked down the aisle and took an umbrella from the guys. When Natalie got to the alter (which was handmade by the groom), she looked up at the clouds and declined the umbrella, ready to get showered in both love and rain. The wedding was officiated by Natalie's childhood best friend's dad, a local pastor. This was a family she had grown up being very close to, making the words he was sharing, hold that much more importance.

It was such a beautifully classic looking wedding. The men in smooth brown suits, the women in a beautiful forest green, and Nat, in an elegant, lace sleaved gown. It fit the venue so perfectly. They had seriously immaculate vibes, even with the rain, it seemed to only add to the classic, vintage feel.

The couple then had a reception in a large wedding tent, strung with twinkly lights and beautiful chandeliers. They had the most delicious, homestyle, catered dinner with hearty foods that were so perfect for the damp, fall day. The evening finished off with a selection of homemade pies and crumbles, and then the dancefloor opened!

Vanessa and Eric's Down Sized Big Greek wedding

This couple had been planning their celebration for over a year, and with the ever changing covid restrictions their plans were forced to changes a few times. What was once imagined as a big day of festivities was taken down in size but certainly not in love and celebration.

We started the day at a hotel in Ajax where Vanessa and her girls were getting all glammed up. In matching robes, they did a Champaign pop, opened a sweet gift from Eric, chilled out and got dolled up. Then hopped into the limo to head over to the church.

Vanessa and Eric had their service in the stunning St Nedela Macedonian Church, and had a traditional Macedonian ceremony. As capacity was limited, they had just the most important people there.

After the ceremony, we headed over to Parkwood Estates for some photos. This is a stunning venue with beautiful gardens and antique estate buildings. And what a perfect day it was to be at this spot! The sun was just glowing in the sky and the late fall day was blessed with a little extra warmth.

As the sun got lower in the sky the wedding party went off to a private dinner, then we met back up at the bride and groom's house for a reception in their shop with friends and family, and of course, sparklers.

Heading into 2022...

As we approach 2 whole years of pandemic living, I have to say I feel a little extra proud that I made this one my biggest business year yet. I have already almost sold out wedding dates for next summer and feel as though I still can't say that I know what a "regular year" would be like. But here are some things I've learned through weddings this year...

  1. People are at some of their most valuable moments on wedding days. Whether it's the bride and groom or their parents or the maid of honnour or the grandparents. It's a day full of emotion that these people have spent months planning and preparing for. In that moment anything feels monumental. Rain, or a forgotten something, or an unexpected guest or running late. As someone who has attended many weddings now, I think it's important to remind my wedding couples that I am there to help them, I know things can get messy and sometimes even go wrong, and I am on their team to try and support them, comfort them, and help things run smoothly.

  2. Not everyone is going to be happy always. Firstly, again on wedding day, a lot of stress. But also when dealing with people in general, we sometimes don't all have the same ideas or personalities, or preferences or tastes. So there will likely be disagreements and that's just something we have to deal with and navigate.

  3. This job is fun. Not only is it fun to be my own boss and make my own rules (which is sometimes tough if you're not very good at self regulation), but also seeing these magical moments and helping people to save precious snapshots of their day is something so super special.

So, with this, we close out 2021 and all the wonderful weddings, ready to learn and live more next year!

For those interested in my wedding services, please please reach out! Take a look at my portfolio, my WeddingWire page and my Instagram, and if you think my style matches your dreams for your day, I would LOVE to chat with you!

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