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Travel Photography
My passion for photography lies in capturing the essence of a lived moment in still life. My goal, is that each photo I take holds the energy and emotions of the physical moment, and from when it was taken. Photographing international moments and sights while touching all the senses, giving viewers an in-depth perspective of what life would be like should they, themselves, be there. If only you could smell the blossoming red buds of Rome in the spring, feel the African sun touching your skin, the tingle of the salty sea breeze against your cheeks, while the sounds of crickets and birds grace your ears.

Travel blog
To read a short blog on my Spring 2022 adventure in Sicily and Rome, visit the blog page of my website, or use the button below!

For Content Creation
Interested in having content produced for your travel company, resort, hotel, tourist site? If you're looking for someone to capture the essence of your location, in visuals or text, let's collaborate and tell your story!

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