~Justyne Edgell Photography and Design~

A few commonly asked questions to help you, before you book, before your session and what to expect after!

"What is your style as a photographer? Posed, candid, fly on the wall?"The answer is all of the above! I like to use prompts instead of poses. Prompts are like moving poses, then I can capture all the in-between moments, that I love so much! I might tell you to face each other and hold both hands, then pull towards each other and then push away. I also love to get my clients laughing and feeling 100% comfortable so we can capture the most authentic version of you! Saying that, we will also do some, classic static poses, and if you want me to be a fly on the wall for a secret proposal, I can totally do that too! The truth is, I can pretty much adapt the way I run our session to suit you!

"What is the best time of day for photos?"

From my perspective, I'm quite happy taking photos at all times of day! This really comes down to the vibe you'd like for the photos. Many people love the look of sunset. It's often darker, moodier and more romantic than the bright and colourful mid-day light. But honestly, it's up tp you! I've spent lots of time trying to perfect my work in a multitude of lighting situations (and I'm continually learning and adapting) so as long as it isn't dark, I'm happy! Below are a couple examples of some lighting situations.

Uxbridge Photographer Justyne Edgell Photography and Design

"What is your editing style?"
I love warmth and bright colours. I once had someone tell me that my photos were bright and vibrant and I instantly felt that that comment so perfectly fit my work and what I was trying to portray. Check out the other photos in my portfolio and posted on my social media to see the way I edit my photos, that's what you can expect for your session! I like to describe my editing style as warm and vibrant. I love warm tones, bright whites and clean contrast!

"What should I wear for my session"
Whatever you feel comfortable in! Now of course there are things like colour coordinate, don't wear big patterns, but the truth is to make sure we get photos authentic to you, you need to feel comfortable. My recommendation is to look up some photos with outfit combinations that you like and try to replicate it. It can be things like, coordinate outfits to the season, choosing an accent colour, go matchy matchy. Or really anything! And, I am always happy to chat about your outfit choices pre session. I'll also encourage you to check out this guide I put together which may give you some outfit inspiration! 

"How many photos will I get in my portrait session"
I like to estimate about 45 in the half hour and about 70 in the hours, but what I've discovered is that I am a bit of a serial over deliverer. It's not uncommon for you to get about 70 photos in the half hour! It really depends on how many poses/prompts we get in, if I'm shooting details, if we're moving locations, if you have kids or pets that take a bit of wrangling etc. so while the number can hugely vary, I will still tell you about 45 in a half hour and about 70 in an hour.

"Can I tell you if I want something specific?"
YES! Please do! I want to make sure I am serving you to your greatest expectation! If you have been browsing Pinterest and have some ideas of your own please share! I would love nothing more than to give you perfect photo memories for you to look back on. And if that means getting a photo of you lying on the ground with your dog sitting on your chest, we can 100% do that!

"When and how will I get my photos?"
I deliver photos to my clients in online galleries. The galleries will be linked on my website for about a minimum of two weeks after your session, with a password entry so only those you share the password with can get into your page! You can expect about a 1 week turnaround for your gallery, and then all your images will be ready to download! (Turnaround time may vary depending on volume)

"Do you make cards or do photo printing?"
Once you receive your gallery, there is a shop option right there for you! You can purchase prints directly through the gallery and have them shipped right to your door! Along with photography, I love graphic design! If you are in the market for Christmas cards, engagement announcements, wedding invites, save the dates, etc, I'd be happy to put that together for you!

"Do you mind if I bring my dog?"
PETS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME! With discretion of course as it's probably best for you not to bring your horse to the public park... But, yes, pets are always welcome in my photos! I am a total animal nut and would absolutely love to meet your furry, fluffy, feathered friends! I know just how much a part of the family animals can be, so they definitely need to be in the family photos too!

"How would you like me to pay?"
Etransfer works for me! I am also fine to accept cash although I know many people don't carry much of that anymore... All bills will now include 13% HST on top of the service price.