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Justyne Edgell Photography and Design
Uxbridge Photographer Justyne Edgell Photography and Design

About Justyne


I'm a 24-year-old photographer and content creator based in the Durham Region, in Uxbridge, Ontario Canada.


I grew up just outside the small town of Uxbridge, spending most of my free time outdoors or in the dance studio, with my creativity and inspiration continually growing. At the age of 10, I got my first digital camera, and I instantly fell in love with capturing all the moments and events of my life. My love of animals fueled an endless collection of pet photos, and my big country backyard had me continually capturing plants, insects and sunshine. I always had an interested in editing and retouching my photos, but it wasn’t until I was in my senior year of high school that I fully caught the design bug when I was selected as one of the school’s yearbook editors! I now like using my digital skills to create branding content, like websites, posters and graphics for other small businesses as well as working with photoshop to "perfect" photos.

I am a 2020 graduate from the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University, with a French language minor and a concentration in Television and Video. I have now been designing and photographing freelance since 2017, basing my work out of the Durham Region and Uxbridge, but happy to travel throughout the GTA and beyond! And, you may have seen my name in the byline of some articles in the Uxbridge Cosmos Newspaper!

My Purpose

This world is constantly changing and sometimes feels like it's spinning too fast. Precious moments can be fleeting and often, being caught up in life, we let them pass. My goal as your photographer is to never let the moments go unnoticed. I want to capture your bright and vivid memories, and the feelings that come along with them, so you never need to worry about remembering the precious moments of your life.

5 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I love all things bright, warm and glowy!

  2. I am a total animal nut and am always excited to meet new 4 legged friends!

  3. I have watched the entire Gilmore Girls series 4 times

  4. I drink tea like I'm an English granny. About 4 cups a day.

  5. I'm so sappy, I cry at all the weddings I attend.

Uxbridge Photographer Justyne Edgell Photography and Design

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Uxbridge Photographer Justyne Edgell
Uxbridge Photographer Justyne Edgell Photography and Design
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