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Uxbridge Photographer, Why I Love Local Sessions!

I have lived in the small town of Uxbridge for my entire life, and I absolutely love it here! It's close enough to being a big town that you don't feel isolate and it's really only a short distance away from big cities. I live just outside of town, on a relatively secluded property. We have three large ponds, deep forest and lots of places to explore! I grew up learning just how magical this place was. I would make fairy houses in three stumps, watch the leaves change from green to gold to red and explore the sparkly snow covered woods. I have always had a strong connection with nature and I'm so luck that I have so much of it around me. When I got my first camera, it was all the wild things around me that I would take photos of. Plants, bugs, flowers, trees, animals, whatever I would find while roaming around outdoors.

Uxbridge Photographer

Once I began turning my passion for photography into a bit of a side hustle, mu subject matter shifted to people and portraits. I feel as though part of me have really kept that natural vibe, and i love working with clients in rustic natural locations. This is why I brand myself as a "Natural Light Photographer". I primarily work outdoors and I love using the sun to uniquely light my photos. I am a sucker for back light! I love that glowy halo that makes everything look a little dreamy. I find getting real, authentic shots is so much easier when you're not setting up studio lights that take the subject of your photo out of themselves and their physical location.

Uxbridge Family Photographer

Now that I'm really building up my photography business and taking on clients more full time, I like that I get to explore new places while doing my work. I really enjoy being and Uxbridge Photographer as we are the Trail Capital Of Canada and have so many gorgeous natural locations, perfect for photos! From trails, to parks, to fields and forests there is always a rustic piece of heaven somewhere near by.

It's not only the locations I love about being an Uxbridge Photographer, I love that it's a small town and that its so easy know your clients personally or to build a new connection. Something about small town life is really homey and easy. if you don't know the person yourself, you have mutual connections, or have been to the same schools or restaurants and there seem to be endless opportunities for chatting and building a bond. It's also a pretty great resource to get your name out! having a smaller pool of people means that I can be known as an Uxbridge Photographer and not have a thousand other competing businesses!

There was a time where I imagined living in a big city and being a big name photographer, but I've since decided that I'd really like to stay local. Between the people and the places I don't think there's anything else I need!

Uxbridge Engagement Photographer

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