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An Uxbridge Photographer Who LOVES Sunsets

I love a good sunset. I mean, who doesn't? But like I seriously LOVE it. As a photographer, sunset is one of the prime times of day for getting magic looking photos. As the sun gets lower in the sky, and turns that golden, almost copper colour, that's when you can get the most warm and dreamy photos.

A bit of a change of subject here, but I promise it will come together in the end...

My favourite genre of movie and TV shows is trashy teen rom-com-dram. I know, I'm a mid 20 year old with a degree in media production and a concentration in television and video and I literally favour the most base line entertainment. (But maybe that's because I overanalyze it and that very basic content needs little attention.) My favourite TV shows include, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, New Girl (observe the "girl" trend...) The Mindy Project, and anything else in that similar category. Movies, very similar. Pitch Perfect, Princess Diaries, Legally Blonde, Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, Mean Girls, etc.

So what does this have to do with sunsets and photography? Well... In these types of stories, there is, what I like to call, the sunset moment. That dreamy scene where the guy gets the girl, or the girl realizes her worth, or the friends make up after a fight. It's usually the best part of the movie and often happens along with a sunrise or a sunset, or occasionally under the glow of a streetlamp in the middle of a torrential downpour. Anyway, that's how couple's sunset sessions feel to me. They feel like that moment of golden love.

I find that after my couple's sessions my clients often say that they found it more of an experience than just a photoshoot. Like the shoot itself was a date of sorts, and I am totally on board with that.

I want my photos to show that bond and deep connection and all the love between the people through my lens. I want my clients to feel extra connected and to not feel awkward that I'm basically third wheeling their make out sesh, which I pretty much forced them to do and wouldn't let them stop until I was ready. But by about 10 minutes in, they usually get so into it that I don't have to ask for those intimate moments anymore. They just feel it. They feel that sunset love moments then it all becomes completely natural and authentic.

Coupled with the golden glow, and warmth, of the setting sun, the true connection I capture feels like a rom-com-dram to me, and I LOVE IT! Like seriously LOVE it. When I get home after a session and go through the photos I'm constantly smiling at my computer screen like a total ham.

(And just a note, it doesn't have to be sunset, we can sort of fake golden. The glow is mainly what I'm after)

Its so much more than posing for the camera. And since I do all my sessions outdoors, and being from a small country town, I love doing mini hikes for my sessions. Finding the prefect trail with a field and wild flowers and tall grasses, and of course, that perfect angle for golden sunlight. It's all part of what sets the scene for your dreamy sunset love story and YOUR sunset moment.



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