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Uxbridge Wedding Photographer ~ My Best Tips For Your Wedding Day!

Uxbrigde Wedding Photographer Justyne Edgell

Hey! I'm Justyne Edgell, a wedding photographer based in Uxbridge Ontario, serving the Durham Region, The GTA, The Muskokas and more!

There's nothing better than being able to look at photographs that have the ability to transport you back to those moments in your life. Wedding photos are often some of peoples' most prized possessions, as a way of allowing them to relive one of the most special days of their life.

Everyone want their wedding photos to be the best they can be, and for the most part, that responsibility falls on the photographer you've chosen to capture your day. However, there are a few things you can do to help ensure the best results, and I'm going to share a few tips with you here!

Prepare for your detail photos ahead of time!

While detail flat-lays are not often something you think about when organizing and planning for your big day, by taking a few minutes the day before your wedding, you can save time on the day-of by having all your important detail pieces together, in one spot, ready for your photographer.

Uxbridge Wedding Photographer Justyne Edgell

Get out a shoe box, or tupperware, or really any container that will hold all your items. Compile all the important pieces that you'd like to have included in your photos, so you and your photographer don't need to run around, amongst people getting their hair and makeup done, to find them all on the day-of.

Some things you should consider for these photos are...

  • shoes

  • rings

  • hair pieces

  • invitations

  • bouquets or extra floral pieces

  • perfume

  • jewelry

  • vow booklets

Don't be shy to include anything that you feel is important to your wedding day! Things like your something blue, grandma's broach, your family tartan are all great additions to these photos!

Uxbridge Wedding Photographer Justyne Edgell

Consider your lighting

Lighting may seem like something that has nothing to do with you, as the client, and while that's sort of true, there are a few things you can think of while organizing your day!

Uxbridge Wedding Photographer Justyne Edgell

We want the most natural light as possible! And it's not only your photographer who's looking for natural light. Your makeup team will also want a space with natural light, to make sure their work looks beautiful in all lighting. So clearing some space in the rooms where you know there is great natural light, and where you will likely be spending a lot of time on your wedding morning, will go a long way in making your photos the best they can be but not having clutter in the way, and not needing your bridesmaids to act as a moving crew when you need to make space.

Uxbridge Wedding Photographer Justyne Edgell

Try To Just Relax

Posing for photos is something we're so used to. But something really gorgeous about your wedding day photography is that it's more like a documentary of your day. It's often much nicer when it feels like a more candid telling of your love story.

I like to remind my clients to just go with the flow, do what they need to do, be natural, relax and I'll cover the photos. If there's a moment where I'd like you to stop, pause, turn to me and smile, I'll ask you to do that. But don't stress about posing to get a photo. You have enough to think about and you can totally leave the photo worries to me!

Uxbridge Wedding Photographer Justyne Edgell

Amplify The Ambiance

If there is one thing I recommend when a couple asks what they can do to get the best dance party photos, my first answer is, and will always be, make sure you have coloured party lights.

A lot of venues will already have these for you, or perhaps your DJ will, but if you find there is only the basic lighting of your venue, you can pretty easily rent some coloured party lights from places like Long and McQuade.

Adding party lights is sure to get your guests in the mood for a good time! It takes the vibe from, a classy wedding reception, to a dance party ready to dance the night away!

The lights don't need to be on for your entire reception. In fact, the time to turn them on is right when you want your guests to hit the dance floor. Not only does it help your guests feel more excited and party ready, it also add a more fun look to your photos, clearly differentiating that it's not time to party!

Another great addition to amp up your party is to have some fun props that people can goof around with. Fun sunglasses, hats, photobooth style props that get people interacting an ready to be capture in come hilarious photos are the perfect addition and a very cost effective way to add to the fun!

Uxbridge Wedding Photographer Justyne Edgell